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Things we Realtors do that frost my beer mug

Our clients fold ,spindle and mutilate our spirit on a regular basis. We are no walk in the park to each other either. There are many things we see on our MLS's. Here are my top peeves with my fellow Realtors. It would be interesting to see what could be added

1 Directions.There are distances to be covered in the mountains. So I adore directions that say turn left on Jones road and then right on Smith road. What is left out is that Smith road is 6 miles away down Jones road. So here I go looking at every sign down Jones and wondering if the non signed roads are Smith road. Also the signs were obviously painted by Munchkins after the making of the Wizard of Oz. So they are small and old . As you slow down to read them you are greeted by the peaceful mountain sound of a tractor trailer truck sitting on the horn and squealing brakes behind you.

2 Needs some TLC. That can mean anything from the paint is peeling to walk on the floors at your own risk. This sentence should be followed buy call agent for the info on whether or not this is a tear down. What does fixer upper mean?

3 Do not let friendly dog Spot out when showing. Here is a news flash. Spot is not friendly and bites when you are not around and he is defending his turf. At best Spot growls and snarls through the whole showing and you and your client cannot wait to leave. The same goes for Kitty, Who is hiding behind the door as you turn the key and is out the door before you can say, Be careful there is a cat.

4 Construction, Other.  This is one of my favorite words in a listing. If you do not know what the house is made of outside, don't take the listing or at least find out before you list it.

5 Master on the main.  Many folks are looking for a master on the main. Why , because they do not want to walk up stairs. I have asked Realtors about this and they have said,"Oh yes your buyers will love it the master is on the main." When we get to the house there are enough stairs leading to the front door that would challenge Sir Edmund Hillary. You want to plant a flag when you get to the porch. So you say, " Charlie but didn't you see this in the pictures?" This leads me to my number one peeve.

6 No pictures. You do not have to be Cecil B DEmills to take pictures. Even if you are having professional photos done load some photos and replace them later when you load the listing. I have some beautiful photos of my thumb that I have had to take off my camera. Never just load a photo of the outside alone. That says to me and the buyer, there is something wrong with the inside !!

These are my top peeves. send me yours. Maybe I am guilty of some of them and I will change.


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