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To look or not to look that is the question

If you are thinking about moving to the mountains do you think about when you should look ? Now I am not talking about interest rates market conditions etc etc. That has been done to death...BORING. I am talking about other conditions you should consider in deciding when to look.

The most overlooked factor is time of the year. So lets look at them

Summer, During summer you will see all the green . You will be here for activities. You will be able to experience noticeable changes in temperature as you climb in altitude. If you are looking to buy land or a home it may not be the best time of year to look (more later). It certainly is the best time to see activities and experience the warm weather.

Spring, This a beautiful time to be in the mountains. Everything is fresh and green. The native plants are flowering and the air is often scented with Azalea. It is a very pretty time to be here. It is also a good time to look as folks often, as they do in many areas, put their property on the market. You will still have cool weather especially in the evenings and for folks coming from warmer areas this is a plus, usually.

Winter and Fall, These are great times to look. Winter can be somewhat chancy as you may have to deal with the S (snow) word. Also it can be cold. But in Winter and fall you see the mountains. The leaves are down and you really can see the contours of the land. If you are buying a home you will see what is around you that may be covered by growth in Spring and summer. So to get a really good feel for the area Fall and even winter are great times to shop. Also this time of the year can be a bargain time for buyers, as sellers have less activity and may be more agreeable to deal. Fall presents the leaf change as well s in-terms of giving you a better view it also gives you beauty.

The other factor to consider is what do I wear. If you are coming from the beach and want to see property. Flip flops are not good walking attire. Where good hiking or walking shoes. We have hills, we have rocks, we are after all in the mountains. Also we have wild life both plant and animal. Where long pants! Light long pants will hopefully separate you from the poison ivy some biting insects. Especially when you are walking land. Bring a fanny pack so you can have a couple of bottles of water. Especially if you are walking land. There are no 7-11s just around the corner. Thats the beauty of nature. Also a hat, could be straw to keep the sun off your head is probably a good idea too.

So when coming to the mountains ask your mountain Realtor about the expected conditions. Dress and prepare accordingly. You will have a great time. If you forget any of the above. We have Walmart. 


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