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The Millon Dollar Club

I recently attended a local meeting of our board of Realtors. Our board does a lot of good work. The guest speaker was a minister who runs an out reach program. Very good stuff and we all contribute. In her speech she mentioned that ,"she didn't know what the million dollar club was but wanted to be a member." She said it rather tongue and cheek but in the back of her mind I knew she was thinking that there were folks in the room that made a million dollars.

Now I live in a county and am in a surrounding area where the average price for a home is around 130,000. So if there are folks walking around in my board making a million bucks in commission  then I am going to stalk them and learn their secrets.

What was important was I learned about how we are perceived. Even with NAR and all the work we do our perception is still not that good. I cringe every time I watch HGTV and see the lady Realtor with the shades and fur coat saying this deal is done. That's is how we are viewed. I even went to a meeting where the speaker a Realtor, was talking and said, "Well if your a Realtor and drive a Sonata what does that say about you?" Hey guess what at the time I was driving a Sonata. It was brand new and looked great. Then I had a client who has bought a bunch of stuff from me say "I wonder how many deals you lost driving that Sonata!!!!"

I really get frustrated about this. Should I drive a Mercedes and be part of a stereotype that makes people say , Oh there goes one of those rich Realtors" or should I drive a nice well appointed Car. The car is just one point. IN 2008 I will continue to be who I am and change minds one deal at a time.

Oh by the way I am now driving a 4 wheel drive Xterra as I work in the Mountains. It is the off road version. Now people complain about getting in and out as it is a little high off the ground.

Happy New Year  


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