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Get in at the Bottom

We have changed our name. We are now All Mountain Realty. I am the broker and a few of us have started a new firm. People say to us. Why now? I tell them ,"get in at the bottom". Isn't that the old saying? What All Mountain Realty is and how we do it maybe isnt't that important. But for you folks who have taken the time to read this blog here is what is important.

Statistics show that after Ocean property 32 percent of retirees want Mountain property. The North Georgia Mountains are in my opinion the best bargain, and that is changing, in the Chain of Mountains. I have written blogs about this and they are posted to be read. The bottom line is if you have clients looking to invest or want a second home in the mountains we are a great affordable destination. All of us look for different ways to add income in these times. So why not mine this resource and work with us ?

I will tell you that when I opened this firm I expected the real estate commission here to process my paper work in a fast manner. They were slow and I attributed it to Bureaucracy. I was wrong. There are many agents from all over the country applying to work here.  So our market is quietly heating up. Our investors are receiving healthy returns. The folks that are moving here are my new neighbors. It makes me happy to see them with their smiles in the local grocery stores. And even though they are the ones paying my way, they thank me.



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Get in at the Bottom
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