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Mountain Chill sets in

This week it is going to get a bit cool in the mountains. Fall is a great time of year. Whether you are in Big Canoe or anywhere in Jasper or the North Georgia Mountains you are thinking, " I am looking forward to that first fire in the fire place. Here are some tips to stay safe.

1 You should have a chimney swept once a year for a fire place.

2 If you use a wood burning stove you can go 2 years EXCEPT if you control the heat and do a slow night burn. The slow burn will build up resins in the chimney. You should clean once a year if you do regulated night burns for heat

3 Avoid burning pine. Pine has a lot of creosote in it. Creosote build up is a major cause of chimney fires.

4 If you use a wood burning stove your first couple of fires should be small ones. The iron needs to expand as it has been sitting cold for a number of months. A roaring fire first time out can lead to a crack in the iron and mean you need to replace that expensive bad boy.

5 Remove those decorative pine cones or any flammable objects from around your fire place or stove. They can flame up and cause a major fire from the heat of your fire.

6 Make sure you have a proper fire screen and fire proof rug in front of your fireplace. You do not want popping embers to ruin a good rug or burn a pretty floor.

Remember the chimney sweep you use will check your pipes for cracks and holes as well as clean the chimney. They should also make sure your chimney is water tight. Often you need re-caulking around the top as the heat drys out Caulk. You do not want to allow rain to come down your pipe.

Chimney fires and flammable materials too close to the heat source  are a major cause of house fires as winter approaches. Take a little time to make sure your chimney is clean and in good working order. Look at what is around your fireplace or wood burning stove. I do not want to pull up to your house in my  fire gear.


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This week it is going to get a bit cool in the mountains. Fall is a great time of year. Whether you are in Big Canoe or anywhere in Jasper or the North Georgia Mountains you are thinking, " I am looking forward to that first fire in the fire… more
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