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Old Fashioned Barber Shop in Jasper Georgia

The Jasper Olde fashioned Barber shop in Jasper Georgia is  located on Church Street in Jasper.

New Hq for Old Fashion Barber shop

What makes this  Olde Fashioned Barber shop so special ? In my opinion it is the dedication of the folks who work there to excellence. Now I am a Barbers kid so I think I qualify as a knowledgeable person in this area. Here are the facts .


There are 3 chairs and until everybody discovers the new location very little waiting. The Barbers, are Mary Caraway ( Owner), Christie Parker, and Misty Sullivan. It does not matter which chair you sit in you will be treated to a quality hair cut.  Special treatment includes a hot towel after your neck is shaved ! This brings back memories of the old time Barber shop for sure. In addition the hand held Back massagers will finish the experience and guarantee a smile when you get out of the chair.

The conversation among the patrons and with the Barbers is great rural America stuff. After your hair cut ask to see Mistys collection of old time Barber tools, and shaving mugs. 

I was raised and lived in the City of New York. I had my hair cut in style shops in Manhattan as well as in my dad's shop. I lived and worked in London and had my hair cut in great places there too. I can tell you that even if you were groomed in London, New York, Atlanta, or points in between, you will not find a better quality haircut. The old fashioned Barber shop  in Jasper Georgia is as good as ,and in many cases better , than anywhere I have been. So if you are in North Georgia on vacation and need a hair cut my recommendation is the Old fashion Barber shop n Jasper.

Hours of operation are Monday -Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 8:30 to 1 The shop is located at 630 E Church Street Jasper, Georgia 40134. Phone number is 706 253 6302



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